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Trauma Can Inspire The Most Beautiful Songs

How The Song "Save Me" Came To Be Written

Yes, some could say I've been through a lot and carry my weight a hundred times over in pain...but I remain hopeful, even when it feels like all hope has abandoned me.

One of my favourite songs from my new album "Gonna Find My Way", is Save me. It's a lyric I wrote many years ago during one of those "dark nights of the Soul". One of those moments where the pain gets so consuming that it starts rationalizing your most irrational thoughts. The descent into those deep, dark waters can overcome the most positive being.

I had surfed those waters before, many times, and had usually managed to get to shore unscathed. But, that night, it was different.

The following words began to swirl around the top of my head like a tornado ready to destroy everything in its passage...

"Now I don’t want to be

Lost inside of me

Now someone come and save me

Someone set me free

Now I don’t want to stay

Locked up here this way

I’m hoping that someday

Someone will carry me away"

It was a strong cry for help! I knew deep within me that I was losing control of my thoughts and I was fearful that I might very well lose control of my actions as well. It was an inner dialogue I was having with God...asking for his help, his send one of his messengers my way. I needed comfort, assurance, empathy and hope. My feet were the closet to the edge of the cliff they had ever been. I was ready to let myself fall into the abyss. Mostly though, I needed someone to carry me to safe shores as I could no longer do it on my own.