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Create A Life You'll Love!

With my strategic coaching programs, innovative 3D methodology, and powerful AI tools, I empower aspiring entrepreneurs to monetize their passions, skills, and expertise. Create multiple streams of income doing what you love and live the life you've always dreamed of!

Why I Became A Coach


Discover Your 

If you asked my friends, colleagues, and clients about my superpower, they'd all say the same thing: inspiring people to chase their dreams, recognizing their uniqueness, and equipping them with tools for success.

Like a dedicated coach, I create the perfect environment for you to shine. I share tools and strategies to push you forward, addressing fears and transforming them into confidence.

I’ve turned this passion into transformative 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and DIY courses. Ready to explore your potential?


Click below to set up a call. If you're interested in how AI can help you monetize your skills and develop multiple revenue streams, download my starter guide below.


How I Monetized Some Of My Passions...


Web Agency

In 2005, I turned my passion for web design into a thriving reality by founding my own Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency. Over the years, we've empowered businesses to stand out in the digital space with cutting-edge design and strategic marketing solutions. Dive deeper into our journey and discover how we can elevate your online presence.

Copy of Monetizing_Graphic_Design_edited.png

Digital Design

From eBooks to social media templates, my passion for creating digital products has not only fueled my creativity but also transformed it into a profitable business. Explore how I monetized my love for design, and discover the diverse digital assets that can elevate your brand and business.

Untitled design.jpg

Artist & Author

Fueling my indie music and songwriting career, I've produced and marketed my own albums, complete with compelling music videos. Explore how I turned my artistic passion into a best-selling journey on Amazon, and let's hit the play button to experience the tunes that narrate my creative life story.

Course Creator

My love for knowledge and teaching blossomed into a thriving source of revenue as I created and curated a series of impactful micro-courses. Discover how I harnessed my passion to develop multiple streams of income, empowering both myself and others to grow and learn.

Does This Story Sound Familiar?

My Life Before...

At 39, I was in a high-paying corporate job in the financial industry.

❌ I hated my office job and felt trapped.

❌ Stress led to cancer—twice.

❌ I was deeply depressed and unfulfilled.

❌ Limiting beliefs caused procrastination and self-sabotage.


My Life Now...

✅ I enjoy total freedom, working from anywhere.

✅ I love my purposeful work, helping others.

✅ I’m free from stress, depression, and anxiety.

✅ Limiting beliefs are gone, and I achieve every goal.

✅ I feel limitless and attract abundance in all areas of my life.


"Perspective equals perception, which influences behaviour. Change your perspective and your perceptions will change, which, in turn, will change your behaviour & outcomes."

Christine W.

""I signed up for the Passions2Profits Coaching Program on a whim and it was the best decision I've ever made. The program helped me discover my passions and Klaude helped me brainstorm ways I could monetize that passion. It was like magic! She was so quick at finding all kinds of ways to develop income streams that I could hardly keep up. She also helped me move passed my limiting beliefs and my imposter syndrome.  If you're looking to turn your passions into a successful business, this program is a must-do.""

Become A Member of the

Passion Tribe!

Are you ready to join a community of like-minded passion seekers? My Passions2Profits membership program is designed to help you turn your passions into profit. Together, we’ll learn, grow, and achieve the dream of earning a living doing what we love!


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The amount of success you have is directly related to the amount of action you take towards it.

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