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Behind The Lyrics Of "Help Me Let You Go" Written By Klaude Walters

How Songs Often Come to Be Written

Songs often come to be written through an entirely spontaneous flow of inspiration that you can't really least, this is how it happens with my songs.

this song grabbed my heart from the minute it entered my head. I wrote it in my car as I was taking a drive to clear my mind. It was really a conversation I was having with my brother… somewhat meant as a prayer.

Verse 1

Help me to go on

Find the reason for this storm

How your feelings went away

And now there’s nothing left to say

Baby, help me let you go

How Grammar Rules Often Get Pushed Aside When Writing Songs

When you're writing songs, grammar is never at the forefront of your mind, feeling is. A songwriter will use slang or made up words sometimes to convey a certain feeling or imagery in the listener's mind. As a singer, you often have to use certain phrasings to convey that feeling that the songwriter wanted in that moment of the song. Songwriter isn't an exact science, it's more of an artistic work of art that comes in many forms and through many different channels. There is no "one true way" of writing songs. Every songwriter steps into it in a different way and from a different perspective but it all leads to beautiful music!

Verse 2

Help me understand

How life without you’s gonna be

When this emptiness inside me

Is all that I can feel