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How Small Business Owners Can Save Time with Pre-Designed Templates

It can be tough for small business owners to keep up with the demand that comes with running a small business. The last thing you want to do is spend hours slaving away at work only to realize you've run out of time for dinner and haven't even considered this month's budget yet. That's why it's so important for small businesses to save time on their marketing efforts—especially when there are so many free resources available on Canva. In fact, I'd argue that no other platform offers more value than Canva when it comes to helping small business owners save time and get more done in less time.

Pre-designed templates are a great way to save time on small business marketing.

The use of pre-designed templates is a great way to save time on small business marketing. When you're just getting started, it can be very helpful to have someone else do the heavy lifting for you.

If you're just getting started with graphics and marketing materials, it's best to stick with something simple that doesn't require too much design skill (or even technical knowledge). You'll want to find a template that fits your business's brand and personality; this will be the foundation for all of your future designs.

Once you've chosen a template that works for you, how do you use it in Canva? Here are some tips:

Create a consistent social media presence.

You can create a consistent social media presence by using pre-designed templates. Choose one template for your profile picture, another for your cover photo, and another for your banner. Use the same font and color scheme so that everything looks cohesive across platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

You can also use pre-designed templates to build an entire website in minutes:
Use a template for your header image
  • Use a template for each page on the site

  • Use the same fonts throughout

Use a template to make your products shine.

  • Save time and create a consistent social media presence for yourself.

  • Advertise your latest deals and discounts in just a few clicks!

Advertise your latest deals and discounts.

Offer your customers a deal they can’t refuse. Your business has many benefits to offer and the best way to show them off is with a pre-designed template that advertises your latest deals and discounts. Make sure you post new promotions on all of your social media accounts in order to create a consistent presence across all platforms. This will help you get more eyes on your products, resulting in more sales!

One of the biggest time savers when it comes to designing marketing materials like flyers, posters or ads is having access to pre-made templates that have already been designed by professional designers who know how to make things look great without costing small businesses thousands of dollars in graphic design fees. The key here is knowing which ones work best for different types of businesses so be sure to check out my selection here before deciding which one(s) might work best for yours too!

Beat the clock on last-minute projects.

Use a template to get started right away.

This is by far the most common use of templates: you want to create something that looks professional and polished, but you're not sure where to start. You want something that will make people say, "Wow! That looks great!" To do this quickly and easily, check out my selection of pre-designed templates here on this site. I've got dozens of options for all kinds of businesses—from restaurants and bars to salons and spas—and each one comes with its social media bundles that include Instagram, FB, Pinterest and so much more.

From there, add only what's necessary for your business or project.

Maybe you need a lead magnet or you're looking to create an ebook or workbook to attract more customers to sign on to your email list? When using my pre-designed templates as a starting point, it's easy enough simply to add new pictures within the template itself (or modify existing ones) instead of starting completely from scratch every time! All files come with instructions on how best to edit them online on the Canva platform. Very user friendly platform for beginner designers.

Pre-designed Canva templates for social media graphics

Canva has a plethora of social media graphics ready to use so you don't have to spend time trying to create them yourself.

Social media graphic templates are easy to use because they are pre-designed and require little customization. They're also free and customizable, which means that you can make changes if necessary based on the needs of your business. The best part about social media graphic templates is that they come in various sizes so that no matter how big or small your screen is, everything will look great!

Pre-designed Canva templates for Google Ads

  • Create a Google Ads account

  • Create an ad

  • Add a photo

  • Add text

  • Add a logo or image

  • Add a call to action (like "Get Started" or "Contact Us")

  • Select the placement you want your ad to appear in (search results, YouTube videos, etc.)

Pre-designed Canva templates for Facebook Ads

Canva has a variety of pre-designed Facebook ad templates for you to choose from. With these customizable templates, you can create an ad that fits your brand identity and promotes your products or services.

You can customize the templates with photos, text, logos and more. You can also find specific target designs for your ads by using Canva's Audience Targeting feature.

Pre-designed Canva templates for Instagram Stories

Canva’s pre-designed templates make it easy to create beautiful images. Just choose a template, type your text, and add photos or graphics! You can also customize your backgrounds and borders with the color tool.

  • Choose a template that is right for you—there are hundreds of options!

  • Upload images from your camera roll or take new photos in Canva.

  • Change fonts, colors, and sizes to match your brand.

Pre-designed Canva templates for Instagram Posts

Instagram Post Templates are a great way to save time on social media marketing. They allow you to create a consistent presence across your various platforms, which is especially important when you have multiple social media accounts or numerous posts to make each day.

Use templates for your product shots. Whether you're creating images for Instagram or Facebook ads, using pre-designed templates can help ensure that your products look their best. These templates include free stock photos and fonts designed specifically for small business owners like yourself!

Pre-designed Canva templates for Pinterest banners

Let’s say you want to create a banner for your products. You could do this in Canva, but it would take you more time than you probably have. Why? Well, Canva is an amazing tool, but it lacks pre-designed templates that are optimized for banners on Pinterest. This makes it difficult to get the right fit and style in a reasonable amount of time (especially if you don't know exactly what kind of template you need).

In fact, designing banners from scratch can be quite challenging; most people aren't familiar with the required dimensions and pixel ratio specifications. Just trying to figure out what size pixels are needed will make your head hurt! However, if you use one of my pre-designed templates for Pinterest banners (or any other project), then all of those hard questions go away when creating your own design from scratch becomes so much easier because you're starting with a template that is properly sized.

At the end of the day, if you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur, passionpreneur or small business owner, you know all the hats that you end up having to wear. Let me help you with the design hat and give you a head start with my templates that will save you time and make you look like a pro.

By using these templates, you can save time, focus on growing your business and make it easier to do everything you need with one tool — Canva!

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