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I'm Klaude


I'm an entrepreneur, published author, dream maker, teacher and business coach.


I specialize in helping aspiring entrepreneurs monetize their passions, skills, and expertise through the use of strategic and targeted coaching, accountable support, tools,  platforms and actionable blueprints.


I am on a quest to help Passionpreneurs to develop multiple streams of revenue doing what they love and bring bliss and purpose into their lives.

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My Monetized Passions

"What better way to show you how to monetize your passions &

knowledge than to create a website that shows you how I monetized my own."


Come see how I monetized a passion for music production, song writing, video production, directing and helping others through the sharing of my life's memoir. It has been an incredibly creative journey that I'm sure artists of all mediums will relate to. If you're an artist, this page is for you!


This page is dedicated to my ever -growing passion for web development & design. Come see how I monetized my passion for web development by creating my own digital web agency in 2005 and generating stable income through the offer of unique services and packages to my clients. 


This page is dedicated to my passion for creating multiple streams of income through the monetization of numerous online opportunities, including affiliate marketing. I'm passionate about trying out new ways of generating income in this way & teaching others to do the same.


Another passion of mine is writing and self-publishing. Come see how I've monetized my love of writing and how I can teach you to do the same. Everyone has a story within themselves that the world should read & be inspired by. Do you? It's not as hard as you think.


One of my core passions is the one I have for teaching and helping others grow on a personal and professional level. I have monetized teaching by creating this micro-course focused academy of bite size training making it easy for all to learn.


This page is all about the way I was able to monetize my passion for graphic design. I am not a trained designer and yet here I am designing away. If I can do it, you can learn to do it as well. There are so many digital products to create & sell. When passion and desire are present, nothing is impossible.

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