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Affiliate Program

Would you like to be able to offer your audience or community products that save them time and money, all the while, making a few dollars just for sharing? Then sign up to become an affiliate and earn 50% immediate commission on the products on this page. Don't forget to connect your Paypal account so you can receive your commissions. Once you become an affiliate, you can then offer your audience $50 off by telling them to enter the following discount code at checkout "50OFF". 


Click here to become an affiliate 

Available Affiliate Products

Help your audience get unstuck about content creation.

I'm thrilled to share this powerful tool designed to revolutionize how your audience plans, creates, and executes their content marketing.

🌟 What They'll Get:

  • A comprehensive Google workbook to guide their content strategy.

  • Time-saving techniques for effective content batching.

  • Proven ChatGPT prompts to craft engaging and persuasive content.

  • 1 hour complete tutorial video to help them use the tool.


🎯 Perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners and content creators looking to streamline their content process and maximize online engagement.

Complete Content Strategy & Planning Calendar.png

Valuable Products For Your Audience

The Email Marketing Hub:
Ultimate Edition

Help you audience take control of their email marketing once and for all.

I'm excited to share this amazing tool designed to help your audience plan, create, and execute on their email marketing.

🌟 What They'll Get:

  • A Trello board filled will everything they'll ever need to create all of their email scripts, sequences and automations.

  • Can be used with a FREE Trello Account.

  • Available on all their devices for easy access on the go.


🎯 Perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners looking to simplify their email marketing efforts and maximize monthly conversions with existing client lists.

The Email Marketing Hub Ultimate Edition Product Banner (1).png
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