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Monetize Your Inner Gold


It’s time to stop wishing and start doing! This is a 4 week boot camp that teaches you how to take your dreams, goals and passions and turn them into a profitable online business. I will teach you how to clarify your opportunities, brainstorm ways of monetizing your talents, knowledge or experience, and organize the information into a blueprint action plan you can execute on while starting to make money doing what you love!


Hurry, Limited Seats Available. Only Accepting 25 Participants!

Does This Sound Familiar

  • You're tired of going to a job you absolutely hate every day.

  • You're feeling lost in your own life. You procrastinate on your goals and feel disappointed in yourself most of the time.

  • You lost your career in the last 2 years and have no idea what the next step to take looks like. 

  • You've dreamed of being your own boss but the financial uncertainty of the idea keeps you up at night.

  • You've tried looking into starting an online business but quickly gave up because of the information overload you felt as you researched it.

  • You live for Fridays and dread Monday mornings.

  • You have enough to get by financially, but never enough to treat yourself or the ones you love.

  • Your self-doubt paralyzes you into inaction.

  • You feel isolated and alone in your quest to be financially free.

  • You don't feel you have the tools or knowledge to pull off owning or running your own business.

  • You feel depressed at the thought that your life didn't turn out as you thought it would. You haven't accomplished half the things you once promised you would.

  • Your kids are grown and gone and you feel like you need something more in your life that fulfills you and gives you purpose. 

Passion Tribe membership.png

What if instead your life
could look like this...

  • You feel totally in control of your destiny for the first time ever. You have clarity on your purpose and vison of the future and feel solid in the action plan you've created for yourself.

  • You are confident in yourself and your skills and feel excited about the future you are building for you and your family.

  • You are no longer confused about the next steps to take in your life and no longer give in to self-doubt because you have a supportive community rallying around you and your dreams. You're no longer alone with your goals. They provide support and accountability for you and your goals.

  • You know exactly what your future looks like because you visualize it every single day and take action towards it on the daily.

  • You're proud of yourself and what you are creating. You're showing your kids and family what's possible when you choose yourself

  • You have joy and peace of mind at knowing that your future is in your hands and not those of a stranger. You have built a profitable business and numerous streams of income that no longer leave you feeling anxious about your finances and dreading the end of the month.

If You Are Battling to Find Your Purpose, Passion, or Interest in Your Life and Want to Start Working for Yourself or Running Your Own Business, I Guarantee that This Program Will Change Everything.

Women Supporting

& Empowering Each Other

Now Imagine...

  • You made 2022 the year you put yourself first and went after your dreams and finally created the financial future you've always dreamed of.

  • You have the personalized action plan to achieve the life-long goals that really matter to you.

  • You've joined a thriving community of like-minded women who are there to support and encourage you in your journey but also there to hold you accountable.

  • You are so proud to have finally put yourself first and accomplished the creation of a life that motivates you and inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning and that finally gives your life meaning & purpose.

Passion Tribe membership3.png

So what's included in the program?

4 weeks of **LIVE** group coaching with Klaude Furlong, Monetization Specialist.

(1X a week (90min) $1200 value)

Access to recordings of each session.

($400 value)

4 weeks of **LIVE** Q&A sessions to answer all of your questions.

(1X a week (90min) $1200 value)

Access to my Private Community, Passion Tribe, for continuing support for 1 full year for free. 

($324.00 value)

BONUS #1 workbooks, templates & trainings

($2000 value)

BONUS #2 - 25% Discount on all courses & future courses on the website.

BONUS #3 - 50% Discount on all template packages on the website.

After This Boot Camp

You will know...

  • Insights about your niche, your passion, your skills and your expertise (what you can do for others) and how you can build a career or business around these.

  • How to create a customized action plan to achieve all your goals.

  • The tricks & tips to develop the mindset you need to achieve success.

  • All the tools you need to set yourself up for success.

  • What your ideal life looks like and what you need to do to get there.

  • Where to find support & accountability when you most need it.

4 weeks Monetize Your Inner Gold Bootcamp.png

I'm so confident this program will change your life, I'm offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't find value in the program.

Money back.png

“This boot camp completely changed my life trajectory. It gave me all the tools & knowledge I needed to finally jump back into my life and create what I wanted. Gave me control of my destiny. I loved it!"

Jennifer L., ON

Get to Know

Your Instructor

I used to be where you are. I had a 6 figure job in a Blue Chip company, my own office and a position I had worked hard to get to. I had spent a lifetime dreaming about that very moment of accomplishment and how it would make me feel. But I was deeply disappointed when that feeling I had spent a life dreaming about turned into depression, isolation, guilt & even shame. I couldn't talk to anyone because so many envied my position and thought I was on top of the world. I became so miserable in that job that I ended up getting cancer, not once, but twice! ​

It was the wake-up call I needed to finally put myself at the top of my list and decide to chase passion over profit. Much to my surprise, this was the winning formula I had been looking for all my life...

How things are now:

  • I own multiple "passion" businesses that generate enough money that I never check my bank account to see if I'll make this month's bills.

  • I work from my home office and own my schedule and my freedom.

  • I take vacations when I want & for how long I want because my business is highly automated.

  • I absolutely LOVE what I do and it energizes me to build more and share more. I have a life I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Let me show you how you can to!

Homepage Image small.png

What Will You Choose?


Continue to work a 9 - 5 you absolutely hate until you retire or die, binge watch Netflix all weekend to escape a life you no longer connect to and dread the Monday morning ahead? 



Take a leap of faith with yourself, put yourself first on your priority list, block out the world and its toxic messaging, work on your mindset, learn new skills, build a new business or career that brings to bloom your passions and brings joy , excitement and purpose back into your life for good!


Get the life changing transformation you've been looking for.

Join NOW and get:


  • A month-long program of accountability, support, & education to help you FINALLY take control of your destiny.

  • Access to ongoing support for as long as you are a member of the website.

  • $5,124.00 of value for the lowest it will EVER BE to work with me. This offer is insane! 


  • This is a special ONE-TIME program that will not happen again. Prices will be higher the next time this program launches. 

  • There is a limit of 30 spots. This is a first come, first serve basis. One the spots are filled, the program will be closed until next time.

Program Start Date: November 1st, 2022

  • Training sessions will be Tuesdays at 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 1pm EST

  • If you cannot attend, that's okay! You will get access to the recordings 

  • After you secure your spot you will receive an email with onboarding details (if you don't see it please check your spam folders)

Your financial freedom is waiting for you. 

Start living the kind of life you always dreamed of but never thought possible. It all starts with the first step—I got you. It’s time to stop wishing for financial freedom and take the actions that launch you into lifelong success. 

Disclaimer: The Client acknowledges they are aware the coach do not possess certifications or official higher education in the field of business services, have no licenses, and are not certified by any governing bodies. The Client acknowledges that all content and support is for education purposes and is not to be taken as legal or financial advice, or other professional financial services advice. The Client acknowledges that any decisions they make are theirs and theirs alone and not the responsibility of the coach.

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