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Monetizing Your
Passion For Writing?

Dream Of

How I Monetized

My Passion For Writing

From the moment I could hold a pencil in my hand, I remember writing in a notebook. Songs, poems, and internal thoughts were always abound in my head. I had a huge desire to monetize this in some way and pretty soon, I was doing it. Selling my songs on major distribution channels like Apple Music & Spotify and selling my book on Amazon. I was even able to develop online courses to show people exactly how I monetized my passion for writing.


If you're thinking of writing a book or monetizing your writing on Amazon, click the button below and let's set up a call to explore your opportunities. 

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What is Passions2Profits?


Passions2Profits uses the 3D Model Methodology that teaches you how to:


Discover Your Passion: In the first stage, I help members identify their passions and interests. I use introspective exercises, self-assessments, and exploratory activities to reveal their unique strengths, talents, and aspirations. I encourage them to consider how their passions could translate into a viable business opportunity and profitable products.


Develop a Product or Service Around It: Once members have discovered their passions, I guide them in creating a product or service that aligns with their interests. I teach them how to conduct market research, validate their ideas, and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I also provide resources, tools, and AI ChatGPT prompts to customize their journey through my program.


Deliver with Digital Marketing Strategies: In the final stage, I equip my members with digital marketing skills and strategies to promote their product or service effectively. I introduce various marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing. I teach them how to create engaging marketing campaigns and optimize their efforts to reach their target audience and drive sales.


The program is currently available as a 12 week program but will soon be available inside my  monthly membership program as well where the program will be given through an online course that comes with weekly coaching, a copy of the book, templates, journals, weekly challenges,  a supportive group, and so much more...

*** For more information on the program, current availability and to get a copy of the book when it comes out in July, join the waiting list below.


Why I Created Ridgestone Publishing

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Our Goal...

Ridgestone Publishing was founded by a book lover. It started with a simple goal: to make the publishing process more accessible & painless for authors. It specializes in independent non-fiction books and authors. It publishes factual titles in the following genres: spiritual, self-help, business, education, and other subject matter that appeals to readers of all ages.

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Passion Tribe!

Want to become a part of a growing community of like-minded passion seekers? I'm creating something pretty amazing and I'd love for you to join my Passions2Profits  membership program where we learn to turn "Passions Into Profit" and finally earn a living doing what we love! 

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