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Monetizing Your
Passion For Writing?

Dream Of

How I Monetized

My Passion For Writing

From the moment I could hold a pencil in my hand, I remember writing in a notebook. Songs, poems, and internal thoughts were always abound in my head. I had a huge desire to monetize this in some way and pretty soon, I was doing it. Selling my songs on major distribution channels like Apple Music & Spotify and selling my book on Amazon. I was even able to develop online courses to show people exactly how I monetized my passion for writing. If it's something you're thinking about, click the button below and let's set up a call to explore your opportunities. If you're looking to see what monetizing your passions, skills and expertise might look like, go ahead and download my starter guide below. 

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Monetizing Writing 101

What You'll Learn:

  • How to monetize your love of writing.

  • The list of monetization opportunities for those who have a passion for writing.

  • The tools you'll need to run your writing based business.

  • The Step-By-Step Blueprint I used to Monetize all of my writing based assets.

  • How to use Social Media to organically grow raving fans for your business.

  • How to set up automations for your business.

  • "Done For You" templates to help you organize your business, your social media, your email marketing and your content production.

And so much more...

*** Course opens up twice a year. Join waiting list below to get notified when course opens up again!

Work at home

Write The Next Chapter Of Your Life


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Self-Publish Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • Developing writing habits for beginners.

  • Writing about your life & organizing your topics.

  • Choosing your hook & building your outline.

  • Defining your ideal reader.

  • Overcoming writing obstacles.

  • Developing a book proposal and a business plan.

  • Overview of the publishing business.

  • Choosing & working with an editor.

  • Timelines for publishing.

  • Designing your cover and inside manuscript.

  • Finding an agent & self-publishing.

  • Creating your author platform.

  • The power of social media to promote your work.

  • Creating an author monthly newsletter.

  • Building a community of raving fans.

And so much more...

*** Course opens up twice a year. Join waiting list below to get notified when course opens up again!

What Client's Are Saying...

Alexa Y, 

" I took the Self-Publish Mastery course and it was a game changer for my writing career. Before taking the course, I had no idea where to start when it came to self-publishing my book. The course walked me through the entire process step-by-step and gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to finally get my book out into the world. I'm now a successful self-published author and I have the Self-Publish Mastery course to thank for it." 

We Offer


Book Cover Design

The book cover is the first impression that readers get of your book. It helps them decide whether or not they want to pick up a book in the first place. A well-designed cover conveys the same thing as an icebreaker at a party: something piques your interest, you stay there and learn more, and you want to keep hanging out with this person.

Book Formatting

Book Formatting is a cost-effective service that helps authors create a professional book. With Book Formatting, your manuscript will be professionally designed in a format that’s perfect for uploading to Amazon.

Amazon Upload 

We do all the work for you! Uploading your book to Amazon, creating the book blurb. choosing the keywords and category and entering all the pertinent info to ensure your book gets accepted.


***Additional services include creating an Amazon Author Central Page, Web site and social media accounts.

Why I Created Ridgestone Publishing

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Our Goal...

Ridgestone Publishing was founded by a book lover. It started with a simple goal: to make the publishing process more accessible & painless for authors. It specializes in independent non-fiction books and authors. It publishes factual titles in the following genres: spiritual, self-help, business, education, and other subject matter that appeals to readers of all ages.

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Passion Tribe!

Want to become a part of a growing community of like-minded passion seekers? I'm creating something pretty amazing and I'd love for you to join my Passions2Profits membership program where we learn to turn "Passions Into Profit" and finally earn a living doing what we love! 

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