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The Passion Tribe is a community for passionpreneurs who want to learn how to monetize their passions, talents and knowledge into multiple streams of revenue through the use of strategic coaching, training, tools & support. By joining the Tribe, you’ll receive exclusive access to our library of high quality content as well as our members only community groups where you can connect with other Tribe members in order to get the guidance and support you need from people just like yourself who are on their own journey of creating multiple income streams.

I have 2 membership offers (Click the button below to review all of them in detail) but here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Access to weekly coaching with me on the topics of mindset, digital marketing, monetization, online business startups, and so much more...

  • Access to monthly industry expert training and Q&A sessions.

  • First discounted access to courses & workshops.

  • Access to Facebook Style Group to engage, connect and network with other members on different topics.

  • Personal profile you can share with other members and connect and expand your circle of support.

  • Chat feature that let's you chat in "real time" with other members, like FB Messenger.

  • Options to book discounted 1:1 strategy calls with me.

  • Access to FREE ebooks, worksheets, workbooks and templates for your personal growth as well as your business.

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